Jiayuan International won the "2021 Golden Kirin Hong Kong Best Small and Medium Capitalization Listed Company" award


On December 23rd, "Sina Finance Overseas Investment Summit Forum and 2021 Golden Kirin Best Hong Kong and US Stock Listed Companies Award Ceremony" was held in Shenzhen Hilton Shekou Hotel. The activity invited experts in the research field, fund professionals and executives of listed companies to gather in Shenzhen to focus on the value potential of listed companies in Hong Kong and the United States, explore the new trend of overseas investment, and discuss the future opportunities nurtured by the construction of the Greater Bay Area.

Through the analysis of valuation level, growth ability, debt paying ability, profitability and other dimensions, and selected by the expert review committee composed of regulatory authorities, scientific research institutions, mainstream securities companies, funds, venture capital, experts and senior executives, Jiayuan International, due to its stable operation and good annual performance, Awarded the "Golden Kirin Port 2021 Best Small and Medium Capitalization Listed Company" Award. At the same time, Jiayuan Service won the "2021 Golden Kirin Port US Stock Best New Issue" award.

Jiayuan International won this award, which reflects the recognition and affirmation of professional organizations and people from all walks of life for the long-term and stable business strategy of the enterprise. In 2021, the real estate industry experienced policy measures such as the issuance of the "loan limit order", the implementation of the "three red lines" new regulations, and strict control by regulatory departments, which ushered in huge challenges. Under the background of challenging market and lack of confidence in the industry, Jiayuan International has achieved remarkable growth by virtue of its sound business strategy.

According to the half annual report of Jiayuan International, Jiayuan International gross margin in the first half of 2021 reached 32%, the net profit of the parent increased 22.3%, in the performance of steadily higher at the same time, but also in the continuous optimization of its financial structure, excluding the pre-sale after the asset-liability ratio is 62.11%, compared with 64.28% on December 31, 2020, 2.17 percentage points less. The unrestricted cash-to-debt ratio was 1.29, the net debt-to-capital ratio dropped to 40.7%, and the "three red lines" were all green. By the end of November, the contracted sales amount of Jiayuan International was about 33.611 billion yuan, up about 23% year on year; The contracted sales area was about 2.5534 million square meters, up about 4% year on year.

Jiayuan International adheres to the long-term and stable development strategy, attaches great importance to the capital market, repurchases the senior notes, actively optimizes the debt structure, and effectively reduces the average financing cost. On October 18, the company redeemed 13.75% senior notes due 2023 with principal and interest totaling $90,107,321.15. And announced on October 29 and November 5 the early repurchase of senior notes due in March 2022 and May 2022 for a total of $20 million. Up to now, the Company has repurchased USD 309 million in advance through public repurchases and offer repurchases, and there are no overseas USD bonds maturing in 2021.

Good Source International's solid sales performance, low cost quality land storage, superior profitability and good financial performance are the basis for high recognition by professional organizations, financial media and the community. As 2021 comes to an end, Jiayuan International will live up to expectations and forge ahead to write a new chapter in 2022.