Jiayuan International won the "Believe 2021 China Real Estate Yearbook" listed company financial robustness award


On November 1, 2021 - December 1st, phoenix TV, phoenix property, wind, seec, singularity launch joint "trust 2021 · China real estate yearbook", from the industry development, the public support, product upgrading, regional development dimension and so on series, by popular vote and expert panel, for the person of the year, businesses, projects, and year.

Ifeng.com real estate "Believe 2021· China Real Estate Enterprise Yearbook", close to the industry hot spots, with wisdom, green, digital as the key words, focusing on the endogenous reform of real estate enterprises; With rural revitalization, urban operation as the innovation point, pay attention to the performance of social responsibility beyond industry figures. Enterprise almanac is divided into two dimensions: brand and enterprise.

In the 2021 real estate ceremony, Jiayuan International won the "2021 China Real Estate Listed Company Financial Robustness Award", which reflects the recognition and affirmation of the long-term stable business strategy of the enterprise.