Jiayuan International attended the completion ceremony of Jingdezhen Zhitan school


Earlier, the representative of Jiayuan international and the Chairman of the Shouxian Hill Lions Club, Mr. Wen Jin Huanqian International Director and Vice President Wu Lina, went to Jingdezhen Zhitian School to attend the opening ceremony, to take the opportunity to visit the local school students, And stationery, and with the local teachers to communicate.

As early as last September, Jia Yuan learned that the county lack of educational resources, and learned that the school house due to the demolition of the problem facing the problem of reconstruction costs. And good source as a visual education as one of the core values ​​of the real estate developers, the support of education is bounden. After communication, Jia Yuan decided to jointly support the Shunde Hill Lions club to rebuild the school building, to promote the development of Jingdezhen education, improve the local educational environment, so that students can learn in a comfortable and safe environment.

At present, the school premises have been reconstructed into a regional center school with standard teaching buildings and playgrounds and can accommodate more than 1,100 students. The event not only in the sense of good source has been to promote the value of the same, but also fully reflects the good source of corporate social responsibility to fulfill the concept of corporate responsibility. Through this condolence trip, good source of the representatives deeply feel the business needs to bear the social responsibility. Especially in improving the education of remote towns, good source is personally, to build a harmonious society and help the disadvantaged groups to do a little effort.

Jiayuan always believes that education is the most direct and effective to help the next generation of poverty alleviation, but also contribute to the community's charitable services. In addition to charitable organizations from time to time, Jiayuan  of its property development is also funded to donate primary school. Such as participating in the construction of about 12,000 square meters of experimental primary schools in the Dongfang Paraguay project in Taizhou, providing comprehensive educational facilities such as teaching, office, canteens and playgrounds to provide superior basic educational facilities in the community to enhance the educational level of local children and let the children live Happy life.