Jiayuan actively participate in investor exchanges will open the channel with the market two-way communication


In recent years, in view of the interchange of capital markets between China and Hong Kong into a new stage, in the face of a large number of institutional investors, the proportion of mainland investors increased significantly. In addition to regular participation in domestic and foreign institutions organized by the Investor Seminar, but also actively participate in domestic financial institutions organized by the exchange activities, aimed at promoting the company and domestic investors in close contact. Recently, Jiayuan International was fortunate to be invited to attend Morgan Stanley's third China summit in Beijing, with more than 100 industry experts and speakers from around the world face to face communication, through lectures and seminars and other forms of mind Storm and wisdom to share.

The meeting mentioned the first-tier cities declined in the trend of population, high cost of living makes college graduates and young people face re-selection, gradually return to the second and third tier cities, the trend is more and more obvious. And strict household registration system, making the first-tier cities in the development of space is limited, which instead promote the second and third tier cities rise. It is expected that the second and third tier cities will maintain a steady growth in the next few years, and will combine the "entertainment" and "smart" elements to create more value for the living community. Jia Yuan in China, the second and third tier cities have a large number of projects, such as Yangzhou will have more than 1.3 million square meters of high quality land reserves, see Jia Yuan Century City project real estate sales reacted enthusiastically, Yangzhou residents of the attention and reverberation, which not only reflects the good source as Yangzhou leading real estate developers brand influence, but also confirms the second and third tier cities are rapidly Hori up the phenomenon to meet the future trend of population backflow.

In addition, from the middle of June to participate in the New Fortune magazine held in Shanghai Hong Kong enterprises and mainland investment research institutions exchange summit, with domestic institutional investors and research units to communicate, and the company's future development prospects and past performance And so on to make full communication. Investors expressed confidence in the business prospects of Jia Yuan, and in the future, with the advance of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay, we hope that the growth potential of Jiayuan will be further explored.

In addition, Jia Yuan was also invited to attend the Asia Investment Forum in early July to meet with institutional investors in Hong Kong and China, and to engage in dialogue with investors on the future financing plan of the company in the capital market for further financing be prepared.

With the mainland institutional investors to invest in Hong Kong stocks increasing the degree of concern, the market demand for high-quality listed companies are also increasingly hot. Jiayuan International as a billion market value of real estate enterprises, the future in addition to continue to deep plowing Jiangsu Province, but also focus on expanding the Pearl River Delta region, and gradually the influence of good source brand from Jiangsu Province to expand to major cities in Guangdong Province.