Moody’s assigns first-time B2 corporate family rating to Jiayuan International


September 25, 2017, one of the three major international rating companies Moody's first for the good source International Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as "group") corporate credit rating [B2] level, stable rating outlook.

Moody's rating is based on the Group's past good operating performance, low-cost land resources, and the big cities, small towns, the core development strategy that the Group will continue to provide growth momentum for the future. The Group's diversified and popular product strategy is a fast-paced business model. Moody's expects the Group's projects to meet the needs of the market and the development of China's urbanization, will continue to support the Group's future 2 to 3 years of business and cash flow growth.

Moody's said that Jiayuan recorded an outstanding performance in real estate sales in 2017.  The first eight months of contract sales increased by 67% year on year, cities such as Nanjing, Yangzhou, Nantong and Taixing real estate sales hot, the forecast will become the Group 2017 major income city ; Group in the core market of brand and outstanding performance are the project pricing and sales support, and low-cost land reserve resources will enable the Group to maintain high gross margin growth rate. As of 20 June 6, 30, the Group's gross margin was 34%.

Moody's is a pioneer in the US rating business and one of the world's top three credit rating companies, which has been recognized by the Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States as a "national rating rating organization" since 1975. It not only rated foreign bonds and stocks, but also advanced the rating business to the Chinese market in recent years, providing advice on credit ratings for Chinese domestic debt capital market investors.

The Group believes that the credit rating is an important reference for assessing the level of enterprise management, not only for the management to provide objective and impartial credit information, increase the recognition of the enterprise, but also will help the Group to broaden the financing channels.