Jiayuan business covered Major district of Yangzhou


As one of the leading enterprises in the real estate market in Yangzhou, Jiayuan actively expanded its land bank in Yangzhou in recent years. For example, in 2016 and 2017, it has acquired 5 projects in Guangling, Yangjiang, Jiangdu, Yangzhou It is estimated that the Group's total sales value in Yangzhou will exceed RMB 20 billion in the future by consolidating the Group's leading position in the real estate market in Yangzhou. As early as 2003, the Group was stationed in Yangzhou and has successively developed residential products such as Yangzhou Park No.1, Century Garden and Century Sky City.

In 2017, Jiayuan Century Sky City pre-sale for the first time and was warmly sought after by local customers. As a result, 272 high-rise and scarce housing sources were grabbed in only 90 minutes. Following the initial sales of 500 million yuan, Two to 360 million sales continued Yangzhou housing legend. In the second half of the year, Jiayuan Century Tiancheng Commercial King Street Wangpu opened for sale for the first time, attracting the enthusiastic pursuit of customers. It subscribed for 216 sets within 4 hours, with a subscription amount of RMB 326 million and a total sales volume of RMB 1.4 billion.

Jiayuan deeply developed in Yangzhou for ten years, has successfully cast the benchmark for quality Habitat - century series, and good source Century City is on this basis, to the fourth generation of benchmark residential debut. As soon as entering the market, it has become a landmarks project in Yangzhou. Many customers are proud to have grabbed the Century City listings in the past two days.

Another prime source of real estate for Yangzhou citizens to look forward to - Century Honour Mansion also about to open pre-sale, the project is located in Wenchang Road, Jiangdu District, and Century City East Canton Road separated by a total of 400,000 square meters. Planning and construction of 20 acres of ecological park surrounded by, with the park landscape system and open landscape space, so that owners have an independent private park, enjoy a different kind of living experience.

In the second half of 2017, Jiayuan's new project in Qijiang District - Jiayuan Xifeng Jiuhu Marketing Center was officially opened. Located on the northern side of Shugang Ecological Sports Park, the project covers an area of approximately 143,000 square meters and has a total gross floor area of over 240,000 square meters. The project is adjacent to the scenic spots and historical sites, Pingshan Hall, Yangzhou Slender West Lake Scenic Area and Shugang Xifeng Park and Xifeng JiuShu line. The project will be transformed into a low-density villa-level community as well as a residential park of human settlements.

In November 2017, the Group announced two acquisitions of Yangzhou Yurun Real Estate in Guangling District, namely Yuruni Gufu and Yurun Xingyu Washington DC. The former is located in the vicinity of Guangling District, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, the specific location on the east side of Canal Road, east of Guangling New City, west of Wenchang Pavilion shopping district, occupy the geographical advantages of Yangzhou City, belong to the high-end canal of Yangzhou Canal planning living area. The project covers an area of about 212,000 square meters and has a total gross floor area of over 578,000 square meters. The project covers the development of low-rise and high-rise residential buildings, commercial properties and underground parking spaces.

The Yurun Xingyu Washington DC project is located at the intersection of Renmin Road and Yunhe East Road, Guangling District, Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, China. It is about an 8-minute drive from Yangzhou Central Business District and eastwards to the Jiangdu area. The project covers an area of about 91,700 square meters with a total gross floor area of over 254,000 square meters. The Group believes that the communities around the above two projects are mature and rich in educational resources. Coupled with the well-equipped public and municipal facilities, such as the Civic Center Plaza will also be completed. It is expected that in the future some of the government departments will set the tone for the entire region and the development potential will be excellent.

The Group believes that the acquisition of this project is an excellent investment opportunity for the Group to further enhance the brand influence of Yangyuan in Yangzhou City and to better consolidate and exert the good brand's advantages in the region so as to provide the existing property Development projects bring synergy. Yangzhou is ushering in one of the best times for development. With the acceleration of Ningzhenyang's integrated urban agglomeration and the opening of the Lianhyang Zhenyang High-speed Railway over the past 18 years, the National Development and Reform Commission released the "Yangtze River Delta Urban Agglomeration Development Plan" last year. Shanghai as a world leader in the construction of a world-class city cluster with global influence. Yangzhou and Nanjing, Wuxi, Changzhou and Suzhou are all included in the planning. Jiayuan Group has always been devoting itself to growing together with the best cities in China. It entered Yangzhou for the first time more than 10 years ago. Today Jiayuan has gone through a series of processes from the opening to the great. In this poem bearing 2500 years of history, The success of the city to create a landmark-class Habitat work, access to Yangzhou citizens great recognition and praise.