Jiayuan International 2018 Annual Working Conference was successfully held


On the morning of January 22, Jiayuan International 2018 Work Conference was held grandly in Hangzhou Intercontinental Hotel. Shen Tianqing, chairman of the Group, together with the general manager and chief executives of the enterprises participated in the meeting.

After the opening of the singing of "Choi Yuen Chung", the chairman of the group delivered a heartening and enterprising speech to all the participants after the General Assembly read out the official version of "Jiayuan Common Program", clarified the goal for 2018 and Announced that the guiding ideology of the work throughout the year, "the full implementation of the" good common source program ", always adhere to the core values ​​of quality is the last word, pay attention to efficiency, and constantly adapt to new changes in the market, comprehensively enhance the ability to control, keep a clear head, do not arrogant Impatient, seize the fundamental management mechanism to deepen change, mobilize the wisdom of all, in order to fully achieve the annual goal and work hard. " The chairman of the Group spoke highly of the achievements made by all the enterprises in 2017 and at the same time pointed out a deep exploration and merger development path for the business expansion in the coming year.

In the afternoon, the conference first commended the advanced units and individuals of the group and encouraged all staffs to work in a high-spirited spirit and made unremitting efforts to achieve their goals. The companies that received the recognition of the conference include Nanjing New Hoingin, Nantong Hengli and Yangzhou Xiangjiang and other project companies. Subsequently, the general manager of each enterprise and the person in charge of each center reviewed and summarized the business operations in 2017 respectively, planned and arranged the key tasks for 2018, and expressed their determination in fulfilling the targets and tasks.

After the reporting, Zhuoxiao Nan, the Group Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, affirmed the achievements made in 2017 in respect of the completion of various operating indicators of the Group, the development in the capital market and the project expansion, and also increased the Group's capital market plan and performance growth in 2018 Make strategic deployment. At the meeting, Huang Fuqing, Vice Chairman and Executive Director of the Group, summarized the deployment of key tasks in 2018: first, focusing on sales, focusing on inventories; second, supporting projects under strict control and controlling cost; third, taking funds For the protection, diversification of financing channels; Fourth, based on high-quality resources, to strengthen land reserves. Five is the system as a criterion to promote the development of the team. Sixth, take the enterprise as the foundation and strengthen the leading role of the group.

In the new year, all personnel of Jiayuan International will work hard to learn the "Good Source and Common Program" and take the spirit of the theme report of the Chairman's Meeting as guidance, so as to achieve the Group's management goal of the new year.