Congratulate Jiayuan International listing on the second anniversary


Warmly congratulate Jiayuan International listing on the second anniversary! In the past year, Goodland International achieved a breakthrough in capital market performance, real estate sales, commercial operation and business expansion.

Capital market performance

Recalling that in the past two years, Jiayuan International's stock price has risen sharply from a record high of $2.48 in 2016 to a record high of $9.38. The stock price has risen more than 270%, and the company's market value has exceeded 20 billion Hong Kong dollars.

1. During November 2017 and January 2018, the Group raised a total of 550 million U.S. dollars through the public issuance of senior notes and over two billion U.S. dollars each were oversubscribed.

2. The Group completed two stock placement in 2017, raising a total of HK $ 2.57 billion.

3. For the first time, Dagong International has awarded Jiayuan International Enterprise a credit rating of [AA] and an overseas credit rating of [B +] and its rating outlook is stable.

4. For the first time, Moody's has awarded Jiayuan International Enterprise a credit rating of [B2] and its rating outlook is stable.

5. BOC International analyst analyst report, optimistic about the good growth prospects.

6. Credit Suisse Group awarded Goodman International Dollars Preferred Notes [Buy] rating.

Sales of real estate

The total contract sales for the full year 2017 exceeded RMB10 billion, a significant increase of over 120% over the same period of last year.

1. The 272 high-rise houses in the second phase of Yangzhou Jiayuan Century Sky City were robbed within 90 minutes. Following the first phase of sales of 500 million yuan, the second phase was followed by 360 million sales and renewed the legend of Yangzhou City.

2. The commercial gold street shop in Jiayuan Century City, Yangzhou was opened for sale for the first time, and 216 units were subscribed within 4 hours. The subscription amount reached RMB 326 million.

3. Taixing Venice City Series Thai Mansion is a brand-new project. The project was launched in just two hours and the sales rate has exceeded 90%.

4. Nearly 300 suites of Nantong Jiayuan City sold out quickly in 3 hours with a total sales volume of over 300 million RMB. Prestige Plus push the old client room special, 97 suites source sold within 1 hour.

Commercial Operation

1. Jiayuan City Plaza hosts the Global Investment Summit 2017 and the Top City Business Summit 2017. The venue includes 20 globally renowned businesses including H & M, Blue Ocean imax, Kid's King, MK, Vero Moda, Jack Jones, Hutan Music Tavern, Peninsula Fitness The brand and Jiayuan City Plaza reached an agreement on the settlement, covering seven happiness theme formats including fashion shopping, trendy dining, cultural creativity, brand sports, leisure business, entertainment and children's parent-child experience.

2. Huangqiao Jiayuan Plaza has achieved a 100% investment promotion rate before its opening, and contracted merchants include famous hotels such as Vienna Hotel, Five Star Electrical Appliances, Xingmei Yard Line, Lejia Supermarket and KFC.

3. Changzhou Xueyu Jiayuan Central Square organized Lianhua Shopping Plaza, KFC, and Jiayuan International Studios, which have already entered businesses to co-host events that attracted tens of thousands of people around the same day.

4. Taixing Jiayuan Venice City cooperates with Wanda Plaza to create a new landmark in Taixing.

Business Expansion

New projects in 2017 included Yangzhou Jiayuan Xifeng Villa, Yangzhou Jiayuan Guifu, Yangzhou Jiayuan Washington, Taicang Haiyi Heights, Xiangyang Bund No. 1 and Macau Taipa Project. In the future, the Group will continue to cultivate various cities in Jiangsu Province. When developing or acquiring high-quality new projects, the Group will actively enter the first- and second-tier cities in the PRC and use Hong Kong as its business expansion center to explore the economic depression of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Pearl River Delta region's influence. The Group will follow the strategic plan of the "One Belt, One Road" and explore high-quality projects in neighboring countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia and Australia to gradually increase the quality of overseas land reserves.

 Community activities

1. Jiayuan International funded the reconstruction of Shizhoushi School Rehabilitation Project in Jingde Town, Jiangxi Province

2. Chin Kai Yuen international organizations senior members of the elderly in Lantian home visits

3. sponsors  2017 Hong Kong Basketball Competition

4. Nanjing Xinhao Ning supports Nanjing Charity Federation's charity donation and warmth relief activities, and donates money to help the needy in society

5. Suqian Jiayuan Park on the 1st National Day held a "National Day Carnival" activities

6. Jiayuan Bund One held the sixth Siyang Pop Festival

Finally, I would like to thank everyone from all walks of life for their trust and support in Goodwill International. For the foreseeable future, Goodwill International will certainly be able to move towards the next milestone and continue its efforts to achieve its ambitious development goals.