Congratulations to Jiayuan International for winning the "Hong Kong Outstanding Enterprise" Award for three consecutive years


November 2, 2018, good source International Holdings Limited (referred to as the Group) was invited to attend by the "Economic Digest" organized by the "Hong Kong Outstanding Enterprises Parade." The award ceremony was held at the Shangri-La Hotel, Kowloon. The organizers also invited Mr. Chen Baili, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Business and Economic Development, Mr. Fan Renda, President of the Hong Kong Independent Non-Executive Directors Association, and Ms. Hu Mengqing, a well-known stock evaluator, to perform the event. The awarding guests are the best in the lineup. In 2018 , the Group has stood out from many Hong Kong listed companies through various evaluations. It has won the honor of “Hong Kong Outstanding Enterprise” for three consecutive years, which is undoubtedly a reaffirmation of the Group's comprehensive strength.

"Economic Digest" is one of the most authoritative and influential media platforms of Hong Kong Finance and Economics magazine. Since its first "Hong Kong Outstanding Enterprise Tour" in 2004 , it has entered the fifteenth year and has won the support of all walks of life. In view of the past successful experience, "Economic Digest" selects the best performing companies from among the listed companies according to the six concepts of corporate philosophy and vision, annual performance, corporate governance, shareholder welcoming, and industry achievements. It is considered a valuable reference indicator.

Less than three years since its listing in March 2016 , the group has been recognized by many organizations. It has also become a group of index stocks with a wide range of representations, and has demonstrated its investment value in the China-Hong Kong capital market. In the future, the Group will continue to adhere to the strategic goal of “bigger and stronger” and continue to enhance the influence of the “Jiayuan” brand on the international market.