Jiayuan International has won many awards Regaining the Excellence Award in Listed Companies


November 5, 2018, good source International Holdings Limited (the "Group") is pleased to announce that the Group won the "Kong Economic Journal" issue "of listed companies Excellence Award 2018-- Board (large-cap)" in recognition of the company's past Outstanding performance and contribution to Hong Kong and the economic prosperity of the Mainland. The award ceremony was held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Hong Kong. The organizer also invited Mr. Ma Shiheng, Chairman of the MTR Corporation, to be the special guest of the event. The group is very honored to be awarded the “Listed Company Excellence Award”. It is undoubtedly a great encouragement for Jiayuan's efforts in the past year, and it also confirms that the Group's strong strength continues to gain recognition from the capital market.

The "Newsletter Financial News" was launched in 1973. It is the first Chinese newspaper in Hong Kong based on financial news. It was elected as the most credible Hong Kong newspaper by industry journalists. The “Listed Companies Excellence Awards” presented by the fund managers, senior stock critics and analysts have selected listed companies that are recognized by the business and investment community and have outstanding performance. All selected listed companies are definitely Deserved.

The Group's business has developed rapidly in recent years, and contract sales have maintained a strong growth momentum. In the first nine months of 2018 , the cumulative contracted sales amount reached approximately RMB 12.77 billion, representing a year-on-year increase of 145.5% . In the future, the Group will continue to push forward the sustainable development of the business and bring ideal returns to shareholders and investors.