Contract sales for the first 11 months increased by 1.5 times year-on-year


In the past year, Jiayuan International (referred to as the Group) has accurately grasped the housing demand spillovers in China's first-tier cities and the demand for home purchases brought by the demographic dividends of second- and third-tier cities, which has led to significant growth in various operating indicators. Recently, the Group announced that the contracted sales amount for the first 11 months of 2018 was approximately RMB 18 billion, a significant increase of 148% compared with the same period of last year; the contracted sales area was approximately 1.65 million square meters, an increase of 93% over the same period of last year; the average contracted sales price was per square foot. Meter 10,941 yuan.

In addition, the Group's profitability is also quite prominent. The gross profit margin of the first half of 2018 has not only maintained at more than 33%, but also its net profit has entered a high-speed channel. It has achieved a net profit of approximately 980 million yuan, a significant increase of 88% over the same period last year. At the same time, the Group accelerated the pace of its business expansion. It purchased its privately held property management company from Mr. Shen Tianqing earlier, and further enhanced the Group's profitability while also achieving synergies.

Thanks to the forward-looking strategic layout and diversified operational strategies, the Group's development momentum has been strong in recent years, and its business reach has gradually moved from national to international, and market coverage and brand awareness have been greatly enhanced. The Group has been actively working with investors to explain its performance. It has widely recognized the Group's development strategy and its achievements will be further enhanced.The Group has been favored by investors in the Hong Kong capital market, which in turn stimulated the company's share price to reach new highs and its market value exceeded HK$40 billion. The Group currently has a land bank of approximately 9.8 million square meters, mainly located in the Greater Bay Area of ​​Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau, the Yangtze River Delta region and other key capital cities and countries along the Belt and Road.

The Group's performance in the first 11 months of 2018 is encouraging, reflecting the ideal results of past business and investment strategies. Looking into the 2019, the Group will continue to follow the strategic goal of “bigger and stronger”, actively grasp the M&A opportunities of the coming year, continue to increase the quality of land reserves and implement the rapid growth strategy to create maximum value for our shareholders.