Jiayuan International Shareholders' General Meeting was convened and successfully passed the acquisition proposal


On January 15, 2019, Jiayuan International Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Group) held a special general meeting of shareholders at Conrad Hong Kong. Ms. Zhuo Xiaonan, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of the Group, Mr. Dai Guoliang, an independent non-executive Director, and Dr. Zhang Huibin, an independent non-executive Director, attended the meeting and Ms. Zhuo served as the chairman of the meeting and chaired the meeting.

The resolutions to be dealt with in this meeting are for the purpose of the approval, confirmation and the revaluation of the proposed transaction. The specific mandate is to issue 50,180,189 consideration shares for the acquisition of the privately held property management business of Mr. Shen Tianqing, the chairman of the group, and to authorize a director to represent the company. The company executed all relevant documents, documents and agreements, and the proposal was finally passed by the independent shareholders with full approval.

The Group believes that the acquisition is in line with the company's long-term development strategy, and the expansion of the property management business will make the Group's business value chain more comprehensive, and then further explore new profit pipelines, which will bring stable sources of management expenses to the Group. By integrating upstream and downstream businesses and combining their strengths and synergies in business and talents, the Group believes that providing one-stop value-added services to its customers will have a positive effect on the consolidation of the Group's brand and will help expand the Group's properties. Managing the market size and market share of the market provides investors with a stable and sustainable return on investment.