Congratulate to Jiayuan awarded for the「 Caring Company」 Logo


Over the past year, Jiayuan International has practiced the corporate social responsibility of citizens, and actively participate in community charitable activities and donations to the main social organization. As a good corporate citizen, Jia Yuan International encourages employees to participate in community charity activities, such as the campus activities organized by the Phoenix Foundation. In addition, Jiayuan has donated to the Hong Kong Community Chest, through the Community Chest to help Hong Kong beneficiaries.

The Caring Company Scheme was organized by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service in 2002 to promote strategic partnership between the business community and the social sector to jointly promote corporate social responsibility. The "Caring Company Carnival" logo will fully reflect the recognition of the corporate social responsibility of the company. It also shows that the good source is willing to shoulder social responsibility, caring for the community, cherishing the environment and building society together.