Granted RMB43 billion lines of credit and launched to offer private placement notes in an amount of US$225 million
which will be used to support the Group’s land remediation in the development of new urbanization in China. Financial services in urban renewal and housing construction.
Jiayuan International Announces Annual Results Net Profit of RMB 1.86 Billion
During the period under review, the Group's annual revenue and net profit were RMB 10.46 billion and RMB 1.86 billion, respectively, an increase of 37.5% and 38.6% over the same period of last year.
Acquired quality projects from major shareholders
to acquire a number of privately held projects in key cities in Anhui Province and plans to pay the acquisition price by issuing new shares. Increase the shareholding ratio of major shareholders.
Jiayuan International rides the wind and waves to grasp the development opportunities of Guangdong-Hong Kong -Macau Bay Area
Since its listing in Hong Kong in 2016, the Group has started a forward-looking strategic vision to deploy Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau's Dawan District, and has reserved high-quality land in Shenzhen, Jiangmen, Macau and Hong Kong.
New members of Jiayuan International Holdings Board of Directors join to create a new journey for the future
Jiayuan International Holdings (the company) announced the appointment of Mr. Zhang Yi as the company's vice chairman and president and executive director. Mr. Shen Xiaodong is a non-executive director of the company; Ms. Zhuo Xiaonan will continue to serve as the company's executive director. Effective on the same day.
ONE VISTA took advantage of the situation and wished the sales to achieve another success
commissioned the exclusive agent of Midland Realty and Midland Industrial and Commercial, at HK$ Starting from $4.5 million, the average price is about HK$9,800.
Jiayuan International Chief Executive visited Hong Kong One Vista
keep in mind the spirit of the Chairman's annual meeting - "Striving sales, uniting and enthusiasm," and wishing the third phase of the sale of the market will be announced.
Single-month sales growth was strong, up 1.2 times year-on-year
In January 2019, the contract sales contribution mainly came from Yangzhou City, accounting for more than 45%; followed by Suqian City, accounting for 14%.
The resumption of Jiayuan International, Representing the pledge of equity of major shareholders
Mr. Shen Tianqing, holds 1,353,851,249 shares of the company, representing approximately 52.86% of the issued share capital of the company, and its controlling shareholder position is stable.
Jiayuan International held an investor luncheon to take the initiative to respond to recent stock price changes
During the period, Chairman Shen reiterated that the stock price decline has nothing to do with the Group's operating conditions, and stressed that the Group's current business development is very good and its financial position is quite stable.
Eliminate false reports and restore investor confidence Jiayuan International's share price nearly doubled in half a day
Strong support has stimulated the company's share price to rebound sharply. Before the market closed at noon, the stock price has risen sharply from the low level by 99.2% to a maximum of HK$5.02 per share.
Jiayuan International Clarification Statement
Jiayuan International reiterates that it is in good financial health and its business operations are normal.
Jiayuan International Media Statement
The Group emphasizes that the current financial situation is healthy and the business operations is normal. The Management is full of confidence in the company's future development.
Jiayuan International Shareholders' General Meeting was convened and successfully passed the acquisition proposal
The resolution was finally passed by the independent shareholders with full approval.
Jiayuan International bid a quality land in Yangzhou Hanjiang District
The GZ103 plot in Yangzhou Hanjiang District is the 13th project of the Group entering Yangzhou for 16 years. It is a milestone for the Group to enter the Jiangwang business circle for the first time. Thanks to the Group's rich experience in Yangzhou for many years, it has successfully established a good reputation through the creation of landmark-level real estate projects, which has won the praise of Yangzhou citizens.
Contract sales for the first 11 months increased by 1.5 times year-on-year
The Group has been favored by investors in the Hong Kong capital market, which in turn stimulated the company's share price to reach new highs and its market value exceeded HK$40 billion.
Jiayuan International was awarded the “Most Brand Value Listed Company” by Sina Finance
the Group's development momentum has been strong in recent years, and its business reach has gradually moved from national to international, and market coverage and brand awareness have been greatly enhanced. In the past six years, the value of Jiayuan brand has increased from 3.644 billion yuan to 10 billion yuan, an increase of nearly three times.
One Vista property sale with demonstration unit
The Group immediately pushed 25 units to the public offering. The construction area was from 490 to 797 square feet. The selling price was about 5 million, which was 3% higher than the unit that was first sold, reflecting the market's optimistic view. As an advantage of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao transportation hub.
Jiayuan International officially opened for sale of first residential property project in Hong Kong
the first batch of supply to open a The room, the second room and the main units are mainly sold at prices ranging from $2,850,000 to $9,288,000 .
Jiayuan International's first Hong Kong project started sales
The first batch of 50 units sold over 90%. Half, the cumulative sales amount reached 220 million Hong Kong dollars.
Jiayuan International has won many awards Regaining the Excellence Award in Listed Companies
 The group is very honored to be awarded the “Listed Company Excellence Award”. It is undoubtedly a great encouragement for Jiayuan's efforts in the past year, and it also confirms that the Group's strong strength continues to gain recognition from the capital market.
Congratulations to Jiayuan International for winning the "Hong Kong Outstanding Enterprise" Award for three consecutive years
In view of the past successful experience, "Economic Digest" selects the best performing companies from among the listed companies according to the six concepts of corporate philosophy and vision, annual performance, corporate governance, shareholder welcoming, and industry achievements. It is considered a valuable reference indicator.
Jiayuan International Signs Hanoi Investment Agreement to Deepen Southeast Asia Strategic arrangement
signed a memorandum of cooperation with Hanoi Chairman of the People's Committee of Hanoi, Mr. Yan Dezhong, to cover various areas such as office buildings and hotel construction.
Jiayuan International's business expansion continued, and the chairman injected assets management assets.
pleased to announce that it has entered into a sale and purchase agreement with Mr. Shen Tianqing, the chairman of the Group, to acquire Zhejiang Jiayuan Property Group (referred to as Jiayuan Property) held under its private name for a consideration of approximately RMB600 million. The full amount will be paid by the Group at a price of HK$13.73 per share for the issuance of 50 million shares. Upon completion of the transaction, Jiayuan Property will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group.
Jiayuan International held the first Hong Kong project naming press conference with Stan Group
"One Vista" is located at No. 1-3, Sham Tseng, Tuen Mun. It is surrounded by verdant gardens and riverside views. It is complemented by the English name "One Vista". Its V-shaped logo has the meaning of Victory, which symbolizes the mall's galloping and winning.
Congratulations to Jiayuan International for being included in the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect trading list
This not only broadens the investor base of the Group's domestic and international capital markets, but also further enhances the trading volume of the company's stocks, which has played a positive role in consolidating the Group's leading position in the real estate market.
Jiayuan International achieved great success in the middle of 2018
Both contracted sales and area both increased significantly, and the performance in terms of revenue and profitability was also very encouraging.
Strong monthly sales growth, expected to exceed the original target
In view of the Group's contracted sales growth in the first half of the year was better than expected, and some first-tier cities are expected to launch the market during the year, the Group expects to exceed the original sales target for the whole year.
Congratulations to Jiayuan International for being included in the Hang Seng Composite Large and Medium Index
The Hang Seng Index is regarded as an important reference indicator in the global capital market. The inclusion of the Hang Seng Index reflects that the company's market capitalization, stock liquidity, and business performance have reached a fairly high level, which is convenient for helping investors make investment decisions. This not only confirms the high recognition of the company's stock in the international capital market, but also marks the official entry of the group into new miles.
Jiayuan International held the 2018 special general meeting to clearly enter the Shanghai area
The Proposal of the Disposal of the Shares was entered into by the Company on 5 June 20, 2017. The Company has conditionally agreed to acquire and Mr. Shen has conditionally agreed to sell the Shares. 
Jiayuan International formed a volunteers crew to participate in the first creative charity run
Organized by the Alliance Group and Team Building Asia, the event aims to deepen teamwork and foster sportsmanship and participate in charitable fundraising activities.
Jiayuan International 2018 Annual General Meeting Held in Hong Kong
Chairman of the Board of Directors Shen Tianqing, Vice Chairman Huang Fuqing, Executive Director Wang Jianfeng and relevant senior management, and Deloitte's accountant representatives attended the meeting. The Group Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director Zhuo Xiaonan presided over the meeting to report to the shareholders on the Group's operating performance in 2017 and the coming year.
Jiayuan International Foray into Shanghai Acquires Three Prime Shanghai Properties from Chairman
was pleased to announce the signing of the sale and purchase agreement with the Chairman of the Group, Shen Tianqing, for a consideration of approximately RMB 560 million for the acquisition of its privately held project equity in Shanghai.
Jiayuan International made foray into Hong Kong Market partnered with Mr. Tang Shing Bor
has entered into the Sale and Purchase Agreement (the “SPA”) with an experienced real estate investor, Mr. Tang Shing Bor, in respect of the acquisition of various properties owned by Mr. Tang at a cash consideration of over HK$2.6 billion; and establishing a joint venture named Jiayuan Stangroup Development Company Limited (“Jiayuan Stangroup”) with a capital ratio of 70.1:29.9 pursuant to the SPA.
Jiayuan International Successfully acquired 5 high quality lands in Cambodia
has entered into the Sale and Purchase Agreement with Y Seng Co., Ltd.(as the vendor) in respect of the acquisition five plots of adjoining land in Phnom Penh, Cambodia for an initial purchase price of approximately HK$279 million (equivalent to US$35.6 million), which have a total area of approximately 608,140 square meters and can be expanded to 3,500,000 square meters for comprehensive planning.
Industrial Bank of China(Hanoi Branch) Signed Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Jiayuan International
ICBC Hanoi is willing to provide full-source professional services for Jiayuan International to enter the Vietnam market, with Jiayuan International entering the Vietnam market and even ASEAN countries. Establish long-term strategic cooperative partnership between banks and enterprises.
Jiayuan International market value exceeded 30 billion Hong Kong dollars for the first time
Jiayuan International continued its excellent performance in the past year and welcomed the funds today. In the afternoon, the stock price rose by 11% to a historical high of 12.56 Hong Kong dollars. The total market value exceeded 30 billion Hong Kong dollars for the first time. The group is very proud of it again. 
Jiayuan International's 2017 Annual Results Announcement Concluded
The highlights of the performance included annual revenue and net profit of RMB 6.95 billion and RMB 1.29 billion, respectively, a year-on-year increase of 87.7. % and 59.5%; in terms of profitability, core business profit margin was 34.5%; earnings per share were 62.35 cents, and the board of directors proposed to issue a final dividend of 19 cents per share.
Congratulate Jiayuan International listing on the second anniversary
In the past year, Good Source International has made breakthroughs in capital market performance, real estate sales, business operations and business development.
Jiayuan International market value exceeded 20 billion Hong Kong dollars for the first time
Jiayuan International has entered a new milestone, the group performance not only continued the growth of the past year, the stock price performance is Recorded a "New Higher".
Jiayuan International wish all have a Happy Chinese Spring Festival!
Jiayuan International wish all friends across the country in the new year.
Jiayuan International 2018 Annual Working Conference was successfully held
After the opening of the singing of "Choi Yuen Chung", the chairman of the group delivered a heartening and enterprising speech to all the participants after the General Assembly read out the official version of "Jiayuan Common Program", clarified the goal for 2018 and Announced that the guiding ideology of the work throughout the year
Congratulations Jiayuan International Won 2017 "Most Valuable Real Estate Listed Company Award"
The award ceremony was held at Hilton Greater Shenzhen. Attracting more than 140 Hong Kong companies, the group also emerged from numerous companies and became one of the participating companies in the road show at the ceremony.
Jiayuan International successfully issued 250 million US dollars of senior notes
Obtained over subscription of more than $ 1 billion with a final coupon price of 8.125% for a period of 364 days.
Jiayuan International contracted sales in December surged 4.5 times to 3.1 billion among the ten billion sales club
total contract sales exceeded RMB10 billion, a substantial increase of over 120% as compared with the same period of last year.
Congratulate Jiayuan International for its successful placement of 1.4 billion yuan to increase its land bank
It will raise approximately HK $ 1.4 billion by way of placing at a placing price of HK $ 6.11, Approximately 9.46% of the issued share capital of the Group as enlarged by the Subscription will be used for the acquisition of land bank and general working capital purposes.
Jiayuan business covered Major district of Yangzhou
Jiayuan actively expanded its land bank in Yangzhou in recent years. For example, in 2016 and 2017, it has acquired 5 projects in Guangling, Yangjiang, Jiangdu, Yangzhou It is estimated that the Group's total sales value in Yangzhou will exceed RMB 20 billion in the future by consolidating the Group's leading position in the real estate market in Yangzhou.
Congratulate Jiayuan International for being awarded the Hong Kong Outstanding Enterprise Award in 2017
Jiayuan has won the award of "Hong Kong Outstanding Enterprise" by "Economic Week" for two years in a row, which undoubtedly affirms Jiayuan once again.
Jiayuan obtain a number of investment banks to write analysis report
BOCI, the prestigious investment bank, first conducted an in-depth analysis of Jiayuan International's corporate profile and advantages, and pointed out that as one of the largest real estate developers in Jiangsu Province, the Group will continue to benefit from the favorable economic growth in the region trend.
Congratulate Jiayuan International on the successful issuance of 300 million U.S. dollars of senior notes
obtained over-subscription of over US $ 1 billion and priced the final coupon at 8.25% The period is 364 days.
Congratulations Jiayuan International Awarded "Listed Company 2017 Award" by Hong Kong Institute of Stock Analysts
Since its listing in March last year, GKF has performed very well. After being incorporated into the constituent stocks of the Hang Seng Composite Small-cap Index in September 2016, it was incorporated into Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Exchange in March of the following year and its share price of HK $ 2.48 since its listing Up 130% and following the Hong Kong bull market climbing to the highest of HK $ 5.78 since listing. Jiayuan successfully entered the Pearl River Delta in 2016 and obtained two land parcels in Shenzhen in November and December successively. After that, it successfully acquired the high-quality projects in Macao in September 2017 and the strategic layout of the Tai Wan area in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau and Hong Kong officially landed.
Moody’s assigns first-time B2 corporate family rating to Jiayuan International
Moody's expects the Group's projects to meet the needs of the market and the development of China's urbanization, will continue to support the Group's future 2 to 3 years of business and cash flow growth.
Jiayuan International was assigned first-time AA corporate family rating and B+ global scale long-term issuer credit rating
The rating reflects the company's reliance on the strategic layout of the company, deep in Jiangsu Province for many years the brand influence, a large number of high-quality soil storage resources, integrated collaborative development and the whole process cost control and other multiple advantages, has achieved excellent business performance and development results, And access to the capital market and professional bodies highly recognized.
Jiayuan International Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao strategic layout of the successful acquisition of high quality land in Macau
The Group's deepening of the development of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao is of great significance to the Group's successful entry into the Macau real estate market, further expanding its business territory in the Pearl River Delta region, expanding the Group's land bank in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao and upgrading The group's international image and brand influence.
Jiayuan International 2017 interim results conference and investor luncheon held successfully
meeting  with more than 200 domestic and foreign investors to elaborate on the bright performance of the Group in the first half of 2017
Jiayuan International (2768.HK) included in the closing auction trading hours of the securities list
Allowing investors to trade at a price not lower than the reference price of the closing auction transaction period, and the tradable shares and the ETF will be increased to about 680.
Jiayuan actively participate in investor exchanges will open the channel with the market two-way communication
In addition to regularly participating in seminars organized by domestic and foreign institutions, Jiayuan International is also actively involved in the exchange activities organized by domestic financial institutions to promote the close ties between the Company and domestic investors.
Congratulated to Jiayuan for the first time exceeded 10 billion Hong Kong dollars market value
30th June 2017, the company's market value for the first time exceeded 10 billion Hong Kong dollars, officially entered the list of 10 billion market value of real estate business.
Jiayuan International attended the completion ceremony of Jingdezhen Zhitan school
to take the opportunity to visit the local school students, And stationery, and with the local teachers to communicate
Jiayuan International 2017 Annual General Meeting held in Hong Kong, 6 motions were all approved
The shareholders attending the meeting affirmed and recognized the Group's achievements in the year 2016 and placed high hopes on the company's subsequent good development.
Jia Yuan International raised 1.17 billion for strengthening shareholder base and financial strength to deploy land reserve
The placement of institutional investors by the positive response and enthusiastically subscribed, indicating that investors are agreed on this placement, reflecting their confidence in the future development of the Group
Jiayuan successfully established a good investor relations & issued a certificate commendation by the industry
On May 31, 2017, Jiayuan International was awarded the "Certificate of Excellence" certificate by the Hong Kong Investor Relations Association to recognize the company's outstanding performance in investor relations over the past year.
Jia Yuan International's first four months of contract sales increased by 9% year on year
Jia Yuan International (hereinafter referred to as good source) is pleased to announce that as of April 30, 2017 for the four months, the total contract sales amount of about 2.6 billion yuan, a substantial increase over the same period last year 91%.
Hundreds of houses are sold out within 3 hours in Nantong Jiayuan City
The opening of nearly three hundred suites in three hours quickly sold out, the total sales amount of over 300 million yuan, once again with impressive results to win Tongzhou public praise.
Yangzhou Jia Yuan Century City 272 sets of high-level housing hot selling
April 28 at 6 pm, Jia Yuan Century City, the second phase of cloud room rent and push, although after a period of opening four months, but still can not stop the enthusiasm of Jiangdu customers sought after. The opening scene of the crowd surging, 272 sets of high-level scarcity of housing in a short period of 90 minutes was steal light, following the first phase of 500 million sales, the second phase to 360 million hot and then continue Yangzhou housing market legend.
Jia Yuan International commentator & investor tour successfully affirmed
In April 2017, Jiayuan International (hereinafter referred to as the Group) held a three-day stock index and investor delegation. Hong Kong stock analysts and investors, accompanied by management of the Group, visited Zhujiang, Yangzhou, Nantong and other projects in the city, field visits to the quality and service of the project, and highly recognized the Group in the operation of the project and the excellent And at the same time expressed confidence and expectations for the future of Jia Yuan International in Hong Kong's capital market.
Jia Yuan International won the Tencent Network and Finance Society jointly issued new shares growth momentum award
April 18, 2017, the first Hong Kong listed company development summit and 2016 Hong Kong stocks 100 awards ceremony at the Hong Kong Admiralty Marriott Hotel held a grand. Goodwill International Holdings Limited (2768.HK, hereinafter referred to as "Good Source International") was awarded the "New Shares Growth Power Award" by Tencent and Finance and Finance to recognize the outstanding achievements made by Jiayuan International in the past year, And witnessed Jia Yuan International to another peak.
Jiayuan International 2016 Results Announcement & 1st Anniversary of its listing Dinner
Highlights include annual revenue and net profit of RMB7.7 billion and RMB108 million respectively, up 98% and 189% respectively, and 33.8% of core business profit margin, representing an increase of 13.5 percentage points. During the year, And successfully expanded its business to Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. As of December 31, 2016, the Group had a land reserve of 6.6 million square meters.
Congratulate to Jiayuan awarded for the「 Caring Company」 Commendation
On March 10, 2017, Jiayuan International was honored to be invited to attend the "Caring Company Caring Program" 2016/17, which organized by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, to commend the company for its contribution to Hong Kong society in the past year. The organizers invited the Hong Kong Financial Secretary, Mr CHAN Mo-bo, to thank the company which was awarded the Caring Company logo this year.
Jiayuan International Group Limited celebrates first anniversary of its listing
Jiayuan International (“the Group”) is an established property developer of both large-scale residential as well as integrated commercial complex projects in the mainland China (“PRC”). With years of experience in property development, the Group is devoted to the undertaking of comprehensive planning, product design and quality control; the up-keeping of sophisticated operating systems and experienced professional teams, meeting the needs of customers in different geographical regions, all of which have played a role in strengthening the Group’s brand image.
Jiayuan International is shortlisted as a Constituent of the Hang Seng Stock Connect Hong Kong Index
 Jiayuan International is shortlisted as a Constituent of the Hang Seng Stock Connect Hong Kong Index.  It formally launch on 6th March 2017.
Congratulate to Jiayuan awarded for the「 Caring Company」 Logo
Over the past year, Jiayuan International has practiced the corporate social responsibility of citizens, and actively participate in community charitable activities and donations to the main social organization.
Jiayuan award Metro Awards For Brand Excellence 2016
Jiayuan International won "The Outstanding of PRC Real Estate Brand " award by the "Metro Daily" and "Metro Prosperity" professional judges. The award is undoubtedly affirm to Jiayuan International. This is a great honor and result to the customers and investors.
Jiayuan International Christmas Joint Event with Phoenix Charity Fundation
Christmas festive reunion! Jiayuan international title sponsorship of the fifth session "drug-free life, brilliant life healthy school Anti-drug Christmas carnival at the Hong Kong Kowloon Park Plaza The successful holding of Parents Students.
Jiayuan International adopts 3D technology to 'print' features
Hong Kong-listed property developer Jiayuan International Group is making a push into 3D-printing construction through a strategic partnership with WinSun Decoration Design Engineering, a Chinese company known for its technology that can 3D-print entire buildings.
Jiayuan International is shortlisted as a Constituent of the MSCI (China Small Cap Index)
November 15, MSCI Ming Sheng announced the results of the global small-cap index constituent stocks review, for the first time will be good source International Holdings (02768.HK) into the MSCI Ming Sheng China Small Cap Index constituent stocks.
Jiayuan award Hong Kong Outstanding Enterprise Parade 2016
Jiayuan International executive director and chief executive officer Zhou Xiao Nan Winners announced: "Jiayuan International in March this year in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange for the listing of the board is honored to short time many listed companies in the competition for the first weeks of the issuance of the Hong Kong Outstanding Enterprise".
Group CEO-Aster is interviewed by Metro Broadcast
Jiayuan International Group CEO Zhou Xiao Nan is invited by Ms. Yu Metro to a radio interviews
Jiayuan International Successfully issued 100 million US bonds
14th September 2016, Jiayuan international successful  issue of USD 100 million overseas debt for funds raised.
Jiayuan International is shortlisted as a Constituent of the HSI(Hang Seng Index)
12th August 2016, Jiayuan International is shortlisted as a Constituent of the HSI(Hang Seng Index)
Jiayuan International Group 2016 Annual General Meeting
In June 2016  Better Source International Holdings Limited 2016 annual general meetingat  held at Four Season Hotel.
Jiayuan International(2768.HK) is Public listing on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Jiayuan International Holdings Limited (Jiayuan International, stock code: 2768.HK) officially listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (SEHK) Main Board.