Top 100 Hong Kong Stocks Awards Ceremony was held in Shenzhen and Jiayuan International won the "Excellence in Real Estate Industry Award"


The Greater Bay Area Financial Technology Development Summit Forum and the 7th "Hong Kong Stock Top 100" Awards Ceremony were held in Shenzhen, hosted by the Top 100 Hong Kong Stocks Research Center and co-organized by Finet Group, China National Radio, China Daily, i-CABLE Finance Info Channel, People's Daily (Hong Kong). The event attracted hundreds of elites from the political and business circles, authoritative sources in the investment field, and business leaders from the domestic and abroad to build a platform for interaction and participation.

As a relatively mature domestic property developer - Jiayuan International Holdings (02768-HK) (hereinafter referred to as "Jiayuan International"), it won the 2018 "Excellent Real Estate Industry Award".

Since its establishment, Jiayuan International has more than 20 years of experience in real estate development. After successfully landing in the international arena of Hong Kong in 2016, the Group has been adhered to the development strategy of “expand and strength” and implemented high-turnaround strategy in term of “rapid development, rapid sales and fast return”. Meanwhile, when bringing the Group's business to the Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast Asia markets, the utility of the brand name of 'Jiayuan' has been continuously strengthened and its business performance also reached new highs.

Last year, Jiayuan International's annual growth rate of operating income and CAGR were higher than the industry average, and continued to maintain double-digit growth. According to the 2018 financial report, the Group achieved contracted sales of RMB20.18 billion involving the area of 1.79 million square meters, and the contracted sales average price was RMB11,292/square meter, compared with the year-on-year growth rate of 94.6%, 51.8% and 28.1%, respectively in 2017. The overall contracted sales growth rate was much higher than the growth rate of the same industry. At the same time, the company's operating income was RMB10.459 billion, representing an increase of 37.50%, and the net profit attributable to shareholders was RMB1.794 billion, representing an increase of 34.68%.

In recent years, Mr. Shum Tin Ching, the chairman of the Board of Directors of the Group, has continuously injected quality property resources projects into Jiayuan International’s assets pool, continuously optimizing the company's asset and liability structure and strengthening the company's asset scale. At the same time, in April of this year, Jiayuan International was granted a credit line of RMB43 billion from five financial institutions including Daye Trust, Gutong Trust and AVIC Trust. This means that Jiayuan International is in the process of business development. The performance of the business quality and risk management and control factors are good, and indirectly reflects the confidence of financial institutions in the future of the Group's sustainable development.

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