New members of Jiayuan International Holdings Board of Directors join to create a new journey for the future


On February 17, Jiayuan International Holdings (the company) announced the appointment of Mr. Zhang Yi as the company's vice chairman and president and executive director. Mr. Shen Xiaodong is a non-executive director of the company; Ms. Zhuo Xiaonan will continue to serve as the company's executive director. Effective on the same day.

Mr. Zhang Yi has extensive experience in corporate management, industrial investment and mergers and acquisitions, business integration and capital operations of listed companies. Prior to joining the company, he served as executive director and chief executive officer of Hirot Holdings Group Co., Ltd., and concurrently served as chairman of its subsidiary Guangtian Investment Co., Ltd. and chairman of Shenzhen Wanding Futong Equity Investment Co., Ltd. During the period of Hirota Investment, Mr. Zhang led the 5 billion strategic investment in Evergrande Real Estate and the 4 billion-scale M&A work of the Italian architectural decoration company Palmas. At the same time, he established an equity investment fund based on real estate business and managed assets. The scale is about 6 billion.

From July 1995 to August 2016, Mr. Zhang held various positions in HNA Hotel Holdings, HNA Property Holdings, HNA Commercial Holdings and HNA Holdings in China HNA Group Co., Ltd., including the Chairman and CEO. President position, with over 20 years of management experience. It witnessed and participated in the development of Hainan Airlines from a single aviation main business to a diversified industry and to the world.

Another member who has joined the board of directors is Mr. Shen Xiaodong, who has more than 10 years of management experience in the real estate industry and has extensive expertise in strategic planning, project operations and management. Mr. Shen has served as the company's vice president since October 2015 and is responsible for corporate strategy matters. He served as general manager of Shanghai Dingyuan Real Estate Co., Ltd. from December 2007 to May 2015. The company has been in operation since November 2018. Has become a subsidiary of Jiayuan International Holdings.

The addition of new members of the Board of Directors undoubtedly gives all shareholders great confidence and encouragement. The company believes that with the extensive experience of Zhang Zonghe and Mr. Shen in business management, business integration, industrial investment M&A and capital operation, he will lead Jiayuan to win in the future. Various challenges, and continue the company's development strategy of “deepening the Yangtze River Delta and expanding the Dawan District”, and continue to struggle for the next milestone.