Suzhou Jiayuan Metropolis

Building area

Project located in the old city of Taicang, south Zhenghe West Road, west of Gu Tang Street, east accounted for salt iron pond. According to the overall planning of Taicang City, taking the environment as the main starting point, focusing on the overall harmonious relationship between the residential areas, combined with the city's geographical location, to create a beautiful environment of the new modern residential area.

Suzhou Jiayuan Metropolis covers an area of 52,989 square meters, to commercial, residential for the nature of the total construction area of 169704.84 square meters, the ground construction area of 132469.25 square meters (of which: residential area of 127825.42 square meters, supporting business 3513.7 square meters. High-rise residential, commercial podium, low-density landscape residential building.After the completion of the Jiayuan Harbourview, the appearance of fashion generous, complete business facilities, security and intelligent equipment plus housekeeping services, will become Taicang central city landmarks.