Yangzhou Centurial Honour Mansion

Building area

Centurial Honour Mansion as a whole in the century days of the West block, and the days of the East Block, Guangzhou Road, separated by a total of 400,000 square meters. Residential area overall architectural design return to the new Asian style, with simple, pure pure style, so that the feelings of the residents return to the quiet and natural, the pursuit of living comfort and taste, well-designed landscape trail, with the new Asian style , Unit sketch, the building itself is pavilions, kind and pleasant. Facade style using the new Asian style, so that traditional art in today's society to be appropriate to reflect. Another residential area is surrounded by 20 acres of ecological park, with the park landscape system, planning open landscape space, so that owners have an independent private park, enjoy a different kind of living experience.


Project Address: Wenchang Road, Jiangdu District, Guangzhou Road junction