Jia Yuan International won the Tencent Network and Finance Society jointly issued new shares growth momentum award


April 18, 2017, the first Hong Kong listed company development summit and 2016 Hong Kong stocks 100 awards ceremony at the Hong Kong Admiralty Marriott Hotel held a grand. Goodwill International Holdings Limited (2768.HK, hereinafter referred to as "Good Source International") was awarded the "New Shares Growth Power Award" by Tencent and Finance and Finance to recognize the outstanding achievements made by Jiayuan International in the past year, And witnessed Jia Yuan International to another peak.

"Hong Kong stocks 100" selected to create the most credible Hong Kong listed companies list for investors to show the past year, outstanding performance of Hong Kong stocks, to establish a new indicator of investment in Hong Kong stocks. Jia Yuan International since March 2016 listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the performance growth is very good, the past five years the company's earnings compound growth rate of 36.7%, impressive results attracted peer attention, and the majority of investors favor , The company's share price increased by 50%, the strength for all to see.

The event invited some government officials and industry guests to make speeches and awards, including Ms. Qiu Hong, Deputy Director of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Mr. Sun Xiangyi, Minister of Economic Affairs of the China Liaison Office, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Education Bureau Mr. Wu Kejian, Chairman and President of CCB International (Holdings) Co., Ltd., Mr. Xiao Xiao, Chairman of China Overseas Development Co., Ltd. and Mr. Xie Yonghai, Chairman of BOC International UK Prudential Asset Management Co., Ltd., presented awards to the award-winning enterprises.

This year's top 100 activities to "based on Hong Kong stocks, and seek common development" as the theme, launched in addition to the list of activities outside the forum. The conference invited representatives of various industry companies, investment banks and fund companies to participate in the roundtable forum, and online broadcast way, through the Tencent News App live, Tencent optional stock, Sina and Finance and Finance community direct public opinion, real-time sharing industry event.

The company has become a set of real estate development, electrical retail, medical pension, mineral development, smart home, and so on. It has become one of the most influential companies in Zhejiang province. Building design, business management, property services, cultural tourism and other industries as one of the holding group-type enterprises, business scope throughout the country more than 10 provinces of more than 100 cities, and successfully open up overseas markets. Jia Yuan Group has today's outstanding achievements, which can not be separated from the owners, customers and partners support, but also inseparable from the group staff work together to achieve a local private enterprises from multinational companies to lofty goals. Group in the foreseeable future will be "diversification, internationalization, securitization, sound" principle, co-ordinate the domestic and foreign markets, toward the goal of 100 billion enterprises.