Hundreds of houses are sold out within 3 hours in Nantong Jiayuan City


May 7, Nantong Jia Yuan City - Monet Garden three grand opening, nearly a thousand people visit the scene to observe, rush to buy, the scene is very disappointing. The opening of nearly three hundred suites in three hours quickly sold out, the total sales amount of over 300 million yuan, once again with impressive results to win Tongzhou public praise.
Although the real estate market in 2017 complex, the city's regulatory policies introduced frequently, but the good source of the project every time the opening is sold at an alarming rate, on the one hand confirms the good source of strong brand appeal, on the other hand also reflects Local residents on the strong demand for high-quality real estate.

Monet Garden Phase III sale ended, the next four will be debut - nine-story villa house, will once again cause Tongzhou real estate market sensation!

Nantong Jia Yuan City is the representative of the fourth generation of good source products, product positioning, apartment features, community pension, garden building and intelligent community, etc., have a leap-like optimization; house households north and south transparent and large room , So that owners enjoy the village-level life. It is worth mentioning that one of the covered houses, as Tongzhou market unprecedented new apartment, then will become the focus of the city.