Jiayuan International's business expansion continued, and the chairman injected assets management assets.


On September 20, 2018, Jiayuan International (referred to as the Group) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a sale and purchase agreement with Mr. Shen Tianqing, the chairman of the Group, to acquire Zhejiang Jiayuan Property Group (referred to as Jiayuan Property) held under its private name for a consideration of approximately RMB600 million. The full amount will be paid by the Group at a price of HK$13.73 per share for the issuance of 50 million shares. Upon completion of the transaction, Jiayuan Property will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group.

As a well-known brand in China's property management industry, Jiayuan Property has passed ISO9001 quality management system, GB/T28001 occupational health and safety management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification. It has won the trust and praise of the majority of owners for many years. The main business of Jiayuan Property includes providing security, maintenance, cleaning and garden maintenance and other ancillary services to owners of residential and commercial properties. As of June 30, 2018, the total contracted construction area of ​​the property managed by Jiayuan Property exceeded 25,000,000 square meters.

In order to meet the needs of the Group's real estate business development, this injection of property management assets not only makes the Group's business value chain more comprehensive, but also the Group can obtain stable property management fees and rental income.

Relying on the vigorous development of the Group's real estate business, Jiayuan Property adheres to the spirit of the red boat that “does not forget the original heart and moves forward”. After 18 years of development, it has become a company that relies on big data to continuously explore innovations and changes in the industrial field. And to realize the successful transition from basic property service providers to smart, shared and open community integrated operators. The smart home products launched in recent years are deeply loved by a new generation of owners. Jiayuan's property footprints cover 13 provinces and cities and more than 20 central cities across the country. It has 75 subsidiaries and 150 service centers, of which 20 projects have been awarded as “Provincial Excellent” and “City Excellent” Demonstration Houses. (Building) project.

On September 18, 2018, the "2018 China Real Estate Enterprise Brand Value Evaluation Results Release Conference" jointly organized by China Real Estate Association and Shanghai Yiju Real Estate Research Institute China Real Estate Evaluation Center was held in Hangzhou. With innovative market development capabilities and high-quality project operation capabilities, Jiayuan Property has won 29th in the “Top 50 Brand Values ​​of China Property Management Enterprises” and 33rd in “Top 100 Comprehensive Property Management Enterprises in China”.

The Group believes that the acquisition is in line with the company's long-term development strategy, enabling the Group to successfully expand into new businesses that complement the main business. The Group believes that property services and real estate development have strong correlations, and the diversified business model will help to enhance the viscosity of the real estate business, and provide strong support for the Group's property sales, while enhancing the Group's profitability. Can play a better synergy.

In the future, the Group will continue to implement the sustainable growth strategy, further expand its business scale and market share, continuously enhance the core competitiveness of all links in the real estate value chain, and create maximum value for our shareholders.