The resumption of Jiayuan International, Representing the pledge of equity of major shareholders


On January 30, 2019, Jiayuan International (hereinafter referred to as the company) applied to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange for resumption of trading and resumed normal trading in the afternoon. According to the announcement, the current chairman, Mr. Shen Tianqing, holds 1,353,851,249 shares of the company, representing approximately 52.86% of the issued share capital of the company, and its controlling shareholder position is stable. Since the company's shares resumed trading in the afternoon, the stock price has performed steadily.

The announcement further explains the financing of the company's shares held by Mr. Shen. A total of 915 million shares have been pledged and margin financing for a total of approximately US$120 million in borrowings, equivalent to approximately 35.7% of the company's issued share capital. . In addition, Mr. Shen still holds 439 million shares of the company without any mortgage or margin financing.

With regard to many recent speculations, including the company's operating conditions, the proposed bond issuance plan, etc., the company now reaffirms that business development is as usual and the business is in good condition. The contracted sales growth in the whole year of 2018 is 95% to RMB 202. 100 million yuan. At present, the company has formulated a series of risk prevention measures. In the future, it will closely consider the intention of repurchasing the company's stocks and bonds under the authorization of the board of directors, and will respond flexibly according to market conditions.

In addition, Mr. Shen also revealed that he intends to deposit the majority of his shares in the account of a securities brokerage firm in Hong Kong, hoping to improve the transparency of the company's shareholders. Mr. Shen once mentioned in the investor meeting many times that in the future, he will not rule out the promotion of shareholding ratio through high-quality asset injection and secondary market holdings to reflect his firm confidence in the company's future development.